20 Cool Jewelry Brands for Women Reimagining Luxury in 2023

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It’s been said before and I’ll repeat it again: Personal style is in, and it isn’t a trend. Real, authentic personal style cannot be put into a cohesive box. Three adjectives, a Meyers-Briggs result, or a social media algorithm fail to cover every mood, lifestyle shift, and identity within a person. We’re human beings, after all, and style-in-a-box isn’t cutting it for those willing to maintain a sense of curiosity and exploration. Much like our day-to-day wardrobes—you know, the IRL ones that aren’t perfected or consistently the same—cool jewelry brands are providing doses of humor, expression, and uniqueness for every closet possible.

Suot Studio founder Marta Tous finds that consumers are searching for quality and authenticity in a saturated market. “Sculptural jewelry has become a means to express ourselves and stand out in our daily look, adding personality. We’ve overcome the fear that jewelry is reserved for special occasions, and now we seek bolder and more contemporary pieces, even with touches of humor,” she says. Suot’s modular pieces aren’t just something to toss on and wear, but a way to “participate in the creation of a unique and personal style.”

Carolina de Barros brings a one-of-a-kind ethos to her namesake jewelry brand. “I like the idea of chance and pieces taking on their own character; so I apply different techniques that allow forms and textures to emerge heuristically,” she explains. This pivot toward building a unique, but timeless jewelry assortment can be linked back to wearers’ growing desire to connect while also standing out. “I believe there is a return to the handmade. People value tactility—it’s the feeling of knowing something has been passed between human hands.”

What does true personal style mean as far as jewelry goes? Well, it can mean whatever you want it to. For me, a few words come to mind: amazement, emotion, irregularity. With that in mind, shop 20 cool jewelry brands experimenting with stones, texture, proportion, shape, and—most importantly—individuality ahead.

Marta Tous designs jewelry for making personal connections. “We want you to be able to evolve and transform your jewelry on a daily basis, creating the look you desire for each moment. From small earrings in the morning to more striking ones in the evening, our proposition allows you to adapt your jewelry to your mood and daily style,” she says. “Instead of static pieces, we offer versatility and personal expression, redefining how we see and use jewelry.”

Single Earring

Suot Studio Single Earring

Half Cut Gems Bracelet

Suot Studio Half Cut Gems Bracelet

Silver Ball Ring

Suot Studio Silver Ball Ring

You’ve probably spotted all the cool girls wearing the Agmes x Simone Bodmer-Turner Bubble Hoops, and for good reason. All Agmes pieces are distinctive and enduring, combining sculptural forms and precious materials, and are handmade to order in the heart of New York City. You’ll find pearl earrings, heart pendants, chunky cuffs, and unique studs among the brand’s offerings.

Silver Sherri Earrings

Agmes Silver Sherri Earrings

Mes Amies was a late-night Instagram discovery, after a few hours spent searching for brands that may not be found at your typical retailers. From the moment I laid eyes on this jewelry, I was overcome with the desire to travel. The brand’s tagline is “For those who dream big,” and you will—with chunky golden chains, oversize dome earrings, and methacrylate earrings in funky shapes.

Iconic A Earring

Mes Amies Iconic A Earring

Every piece at La Serenidad has its own story to tell—and none of them are ordinary. Instead, La Serenidad seeks to push you out of your comfort zone and guide you through self-discovery with jewelry that works for every phase of life and every shift that comes with it. High-quality, current, and sculptural pieces join forces here.

La Vena Bracelet

La Serenidad La Vena Bracelet

El Corazón Vacío Earrings

La Serenidad El Corazón Vacío Earrings

La Emoción Número 1 & 2

La Serenidad La Emoción Número 1 & 2

Now 52% Off

For those who wish to keep things true to New York, look no further than Brooklyn-born, Tokyo-based Marland Backus—whose jewelry brand is for those with a bit of edge. A model and designer, Backus creates pieces that evoke an enthusiasm for the unhindered pleasure of our younger years. The brand is best known for heart-shaped details, graphic charms, and snake chains.

Silver Chrome Charm Necklace

Marland Backus Silver Chrome Charm Necklace

Silver Midnight Charm Necklace

Marland Backus Silver Midnight Charm Necklace

Silver Bow Earrings

Marland Backus Silver Bow Earrings

London-based brand Completedworks puts sustainability at the heart of everything it does. The brand uses recycled materials that are assembled to last for decades, creating designs that will remain relevant and chic throughout changing times and trends. Gold pieces are all made from either recycled or fair trade gold, while a large portion of the silver pieces are made from recycled or reclaimed silver.

Cord Gold-Plated Earrings

Completedworks Cord Gold-Plated Earrings

Tides 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil Loop Earrings

Completedworks Tides 14k Yellow Gold Vermeil Loop Earrings

Pearl Earrings

Completedworks Pearl Earrings

With a mission to redefine and revitalize modern luxury, Bernard James’s fine jewelry prioritizes unparalleled craftsmanship while embracing a personal approach through storytelling, community, and dialogue. With James, you’ll find pieces that represent nature, strength, and family.

Flora 14k Gold Diamond Ring

Bernard James Flora 14k Gold Diamond Ring

Maxi Flora 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Bernard James Maxi Flora 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Fungi Copri 14k Yellow and White Gold Earrings

Bernard James Fungi Copri 14k Yellow and White Gold Earrings

Carolina de Barros is inspired by art, and her sensibility—which emphasizes character and high quality—sets her brand apart. “My vision is to create beautiful and timeless pieces that can last for generations,” she says. “There’s always a consideration for materials at the forefront, too. Sustainability is at the core of our brand’s ethos, so we always prioritize recycled, ethically sourced materials and support local craftsmanship.”

Selva Earrings

Carolina de Barros Selva Earrings

Sol Poente Necklace

Carolina de Barros Sol Poente Necklace

Figura Ring

Carolina de Barros Figura Ring

Rocío Gallardo and Jorge Ros of Simuero are focused on new forms—with each stunning piece crafted entirely by hand. The brand does not do seasonal collections, and all of its pieces are made to order, which means less waste all around. You’ll find raw golden rings, recycled materials, and designs brimming with texture.


You may know “Cities in Dust” as a song by Siouxsie and the Banshees, but it’s also a jewelry line designed by Meghan Lorenz. Based in Chicago, the brand evokes a sense of nostalgia and playfulness that has fans coming back for engagement rings, gifts, custom pieces, and fine options.

Gun Metal Annulus Earrings

Cities in Dust Gun Metal Annulus Earrings

Golden Record 10k Gold Signet

Cities in Dust Golden Record 10k Gold Signet

40mm Heart Necklace

Cities in Dust 40mm Heart Necklace

Responsibly made in Europe, Shannon Bond is a jewelry brand celebrating art and nature. And it’s clear that both subjects are a point of inspiration: Pieces range from porcelain-shaped earrings to spiraled options in a hammered texture, as well as essentials like oversize hoops.

La Céramique Earrings

Shannon Bond La Céramique Earrings

Smithson Earrings

Shannon Bond Smithson Earrings

Found Amber Rings

Shannon Bond Found Amber Rings

Featuring pieces designed to feel architectural yet timeless, New York–based jewelry brand Hernán Herdez was founded by Melissa Hernández. Working with local silversmiths, Herdez explores conceptual designs with handcrafted earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Sterling Silver and Brass Puff Ring Set

Hernán Herdez Sterling Silver and Brass Puff Ring Set

Alga Bracelet

Hernán Herdez Alga Bracelet

For the bold, the confident, and the alternative-leaning, Martine Ali creates iconic chain-based jewelry with a nod to ’90s hip-hop and grunge sensibilities. The Brooklyn-based designer makes pieces that are as unique as their wearers—with deep roots in city knowledge, culture, and community at the forefront.

Peggy Ball Earrings

Martine Ali Peggy Ball Earrings

Myni Cuban Ring

Martine Ali Myni Cuban Ring

Aris Boxer Bracelet

Martine Ali Aris Boxer Bracelet

Admiral Row prides itself on producing high-quality, handmade jewelry using superb materials. From designs using semiprecious stones like rose quartz and freshwater pearls to enduring chains, each piece is crafted with consideration and added detail.

Opal Chain Huggies

Admiral Row Opal Chain Huggies

Chunky Flat Snake Chain Necklace

Admiral Row Chunky Flat Snake Chain Necklace

Silver Double Knot Ring

Admiral Row Silver Double Knot Ring

With her uncommon, modern jewelry, Tokyo-based Emily Stefani Lee truly fills a niche in the market. Her M.O.? Producing locally and using materials like sterling silver and 14k gold plating that permit her to play with more eloquent designs.

Sterling Silver Eda Hoop Earrings

Emili Sterling Silver Eda Hoop Earrings

Dabby Gold-Plated Earrings

Emili Dabby Gold-Plated Earrings

First launched as an expansion of Lorette Colé Duprat’s work as head of jewelry design for Mugler, this line takes inspiration from hardware stores, architecture, and costume. The accessories you’ll find—like silver chokers, coiled bracelets, and bubble-shaped body mod-leaning rings—are meant to be mixed matched, and explored.

Gold Quadri Ring

Lorette Colé Duprat Gold Quadri Ring

Silver Trinity 6 Necklace

Lorette Colé Duprat Silver Trinity 6 Necklace

Silver Chromo 1 Single Earring

Lorette Colé Duprat Silver Chromo 1 Single Earring

Jenny Bird is a Canadian jewelry brand identified for its character and modern structures, which effortlessly integrate minimalism and intrigue. There are no bland pieces here! Take it from a Jenny Bird fan: From dome-shaped rings to ear cuff sets and heavy anklets, these designs will always make people ask, “Where did you get that?”

Supernova Ring

Jenny Bird Supernova Ring

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2013, Bea Bongiasca established her namesake brand. The Milan-based designer’s vivid enamel and stone pieces are intriguing, stackable, and full of character, ideal for those looking for a pop.

Short Wave Earrings

Bea Bongiasca Short Wave Earrings

B Half 9k Ring

Bea Bongiasca B Half 9k Ring

Baby Vine 9k Ring

Bea Bongiasca Baby Vine 9k Ring

Paris-based Marco Panconesi launched his eponymous line after working for Givenchy, Fendi, and Balenciaga. Since 2019, his contemporary assemblages have included a mixture of swirling hoops, bright cuffs, beaded necklaces, and hybrid earrings—all of which will easily turn heads.

Vacanza Pearl Necklace

Panconesi Vacanza Pearl Necklace

Famiglia Chevalier Ring

Panconesi Famiglia Chevalier Ring

XS Serpent Hoop Earrings

Panconesi XS Serpent Hoop Earrings

CFDA-nominated designer Jameel Mohammed founded Khiry with the mission to celebrate Black life and culture. Sculptural demi-fine pieces are meant to empower wearers to feel confident and uniquely themselves, with options ranging from tiger’s-eye rings to jug-shaped rings.

Jug Drop With Multi Finish

Khiry Jug Drop With Multi Finish

Nomads at the End of an Empire Khartoum II Ring

Khiry Nomads at the End of an Empire Khartoum II Ring

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Khartoum II 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil Pendant Necklace

Khiry Khartoum II 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil Pendant Necklace
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