6 Festive Finds for the Foodie on Your Vacation Searching Record

1. Cheese Boards


Milwaukee ceramic artist Geryn Roche makes practical and exciting cheese boards that should have centerpiece position on any table. Roche’s will work get their unique vintage appear from the ornamental monotype print with glaze. They’re also dishwasher- and microwave-risk-free.

Photo courtesy of Geryn Roche

2. Infused Maple Syrup

2 OUNCES, 50 percent-PINT AND PINT,  $4-$17

The smaller-batch infused maple syrups from Stevens Point’s Tapped are like almost nothing you have ever slathered on a stack of pancakes. Espresso, hops, ginseng and red pepper are some of the unpredicted components. Questioning what on earth to do with maple syrup flavored with spicy black umami garlic? Include it to a savory sauce or vinaigrette for a sweet-pungent kick.

Photo courtesy of Tapped Maple Syrup



3. Tea Towels


These deliciously tender Gingiber flour-sack tea towels, monitor- printed by Orchard Road Push in St. Francis, are nearly way too rather to use. But their texture receives far more supple following washing, although the whimsical patterns even now retain their lively hues, so resist the urge to retain them just for show.

Picture courtesy of The Waxwing

4. Hot Honey

Image courtesy of Milwaukee Farmers United


Dana Spandet, the Flour Lady of Flour Lady & Flame pizza fame, would make a sizzling honey you’ll want to drizzle more than your next slice of cheese and pepperoni. Heck, you will want to pour this sweet/subtly spicy condiment, infused with area fermented pepper mash, more than roasted vegetables and involve it as the star addition to a cheese and charcuterie board.

5. Natural Infusions


Milwaukee’s Urbal Tea specializes in practical natural infusions, this sort of as the comforting Winter Wellness, a caffeine-free of charge beverage that combines lemon verbena, peppermint and anise seed to help hold you warm and nicely through these cold-weather months.

Photograph courtesy of Urbal Wellbeing

6. Pufferfish Bitters Mix

Photo courtesy of Bittercube


Bitters, which incorporate fragrant herbs, liquor and drinking water, are added to cocktails to in essence equilibrium the flavors in the drink. MKE-centered Bittercube developed the Pufferfish Bitters Blend (for Bay View’s Pufferfish patio cocktail lounge) to improve the exotically fruity, spicy flavor profile of tiki drinks. It is a requisite addition to any household cocktail bar.