Everything You Need to Know About Minimalist Jewelry

We can’t be in a quiet luxury era without talking about its corresponding manner of accessorizing: minimalist jewelry. What does it mean for jewelry to be minimalist? This understated approach to accessorizing embraces simplicity and clean lines, and focuses on craftsmanship and quality materials to make a subtle statement. Think classic chain necklaces, unfussy stud earrings, or sleek bangles. Minimalist jewelry can range from basic to more structural, but is never overdone.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about embracing a less-is-more approach to streamlined, sophisticated jewelry.

Types of Minimalist Jewelry

Minimalist jewelry encompasses an array of sleek styles across all categories of jewelry. While a lot of popular minimalist styles tend toward the delicate and dainty, rest assured that simple doesn’t have to mean boring.


When it comes to neckwear, you’ll find a lot of classics in the minimalist category. From chains and simple pendants to chokers and bar necklaces, minimalist pieces are practically trend-proof because the styles are timeless, and they can usually be worn as a standalone piece, or layered with others to make a fresh, modern look.


Extravagant, oversized chandelier earrings might come and go with the trend cycles, but minimalist earrings maintain their own perennial popularity, thanks to their ease and wearability. Think studs, hoops, and more structural teardrops.


Popular minimalist bracelet styles include fine chains, bangles, and single charms. A true minimalist might embrace just one striking style, but a few well curated pieces can also be combined for a less sparse look.


On her fingers, a minimalist girlie might sport a plain, solid band, an engraved signet, a solitaire stone, or even a set of stackables.

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How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

The most wonderful — and practical — thing about minimalist jewelry is it can be styled with any look, from your everyday casual to black-tie formal. For many, curating a set of basic jewelry to wear daily is a way to have a signature look and save daily accessorizing time.


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For the purist, a minimalist style should be literal: just a few key pieces for a clean, barely done look.


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If just one piece feels a bit too austere for your liking, fear not: You can layer several pieces and still maintain that minimalist look. The key here is to keep most pieces on the dainty side.


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Though we often associate fancy occasions with maximalist jewels, sticking to minimal adornment can have a striking effect in a black-tie setting.

Top Brands and Designers Specializing in Minimalist Jewelry

Courtesy Pandora

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: This Brooklyn-based brand is a favorite for delicate pieces, and especially known for their dainty engagement rings and zapped Forever bracelets. 

Pandora: You may know this staple jewelry brand for its charm bracelets, but Pandora also has a vast range of chain necklaces, single stud earrings, and stackable rings that would satisfy any minimalist.

Auvere: Known for their gold pieces (although they’ve expanded to silver too), Auvere’s jewelry is minimalist with a sculptural twist — hammered gold rings, cage stud earrings, and more.

Stone and Strand: A female-founded brand with an emphasis on fine jewelry and ethical sourcing, minus the markup — and a selection of understated pavé rings, tiny stud earrings, and initial bracelets that any minimalist would love.

Jennifer Fisher: Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and Rihanna are just a few of the many celebs to sport this brand’s beloved hoop earrings. 

Maison Miru: Jewelry so minimal, you can literally wear it day and night — Maison Miru’s signature Nap Earrings are chic and comfortable enough to be worn 24/7.

The Last Line: Featuring accessible jewelry with an L.A. vibe, the Last Line’s abundant gemstone jewelry adds a bit of color to a minimalist look. 

Missoma: Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, known for royally streamlined styles, have been spotted in this British brand of jewelry. 

Ming Yu Wang: From pendant necklaces, metallic bean studs, and brass and resin rings, this brand delivers striking minimalist pieces that are anything but boring.

Common Materials in Minimalist Jewelry

Precious metals

The materials most commonly associated with minimalist jewelry have to be of the metallic variety: Gold, silver, and platinum (and to a lesser extent, various alloys like rose gold or copper) are staples of the simple jewelry essentials minimalists love.


An old-school classic, a simple strand of pearls or a pair of drop earrings is a timeless look, especially for a minimalist bride.


Although not as commonly associated with the vibe, when used sparingly, gemstones have a colorful place in simple jewelry.