illusionary curves infuse milan’s SO-LE STUDIO jewelry showroom

SO-LE STUDIO Milan’s Boutique opens its doors


SO-LE STUDIO established by Maria Sole Ferragamo, opens its 1st jewelry flagship retail store, welcoming visitors to an experiential house in the heart of Milan. Situated at By using Sant ‘Andrea, the new showroom is aspect of an formidable undertaking dubbed ‘Portrait Milano’, introducing a new way of life spot in the main of Milan‘s luxury Piazza del Quadrilatero. Occupying about 2800 square meters, this new square connects Corso Venezia and via S. Andrea for the first time, modifying the pedestrian access by the manner district. 


Created by nearby architectural follow FONDAMENTA, the boutique’s plan reflects Maria Sole’s resourceful structure ideas, spotlighting illusion, surprise, and freshness. The interior immerses company into a futuristic area, dominated by easy motion, coatings and volumes, natural types and mirrors, and a vivid flux of light-weight. designboom frequented the dreamlike boutique and spoke with Maria Sole, who took us on a tour of her wearable sculptures.


‘I think about my jewellery as dwelling organisms, companions for the wearer. For my initial retail outlet, I needed to recreate the sensation of staying inside a dwelling organism, a room that moves, breathes, and variations like my jewellery items do. I like the strategy that the customer is immersed in this practical experience and loses track of time and house. FONDAMENTA actually managed to grasp this idea and deliver the notion to existence in a beautiful way,’ stated the designer.

illusionary curves infuse milan's SO-LE STUDIO jewelry showroomall photos by Mikael Olsson, unless of course said otherwise 



a flexible layout with intangible qualities  


FONDAMENTA sought to translate SO-LE STUDIO’s distinctive structure vocabulary into an architecture that ‘steps away from the standard prevalent retail scenography’. In its place, the style group opted for a new tender pores and skin designed of sensitive fabric to drape the old framework. Consequently, the inside loses each and every sharp corner and edge and turns into an natural and organic and versatile technique. The bent surfaces are interrupted by parabolic notches, revealing the jewellery with an ethereal touch. ‘Like important pearls in a shell’, they surface as if they are floating in space. Mirrors and backlit surfaces are positioned into the fabric’s cuts, including an immaterial sense to the fantastical area. 


A few rotating panels add versatility to the area, permitting for a rearrangement according to each individual require. In addition, the bottom of 1 of these panels hosts a screen that can display screen online video art items or clips from the innovative approach of Maria Sole.  


illusionary curves infuse milan's SO-LE STUDIO jewelry showroom
the items are displayed like valuable pearls in a shell



the elegance of deserted components


The outside the house of SO-LE STUDIO attracts passers-by’s curiosity and they truly feel the urge to find out what ‘happens in this new surreal earth.’ To mark this new chapter of SO-LE STUDIO, Maria Sole provides a new collection of parts, together with a ring and a bag, exclusively discovered at the retail store and on the web-site


At the intersection of leather-based artisanship, jewellery design, architecture, and visual arts, her oeuvres convey a feeling of shock and provocation. Born with a widespread comprehending of sustainability and traction, each the wearable sculptures and the architecture bear Maria Sole’s creative principles. As ‘architectures for the body’, the versatile pieces are created from leftover components from Milan’s workshops this sort of as leather-based and brass shavings, that eventually, turn out to be precious companions for the wearer.


illusionary curves infuse milan's SO-LE STUDIO jewelry showroom
the architecture demonstrates her style and design ideas: lightness, mobility, playfulness, and a like for natural and organic styles

illusionary curves infuse milan's SO-LE STUDIO jewelry showroom
effortless motion, extreme styles, and curves characterize the new SO-LE Studio boutique in Milan