Lukashenko provides migrants who remain at border food, dresses

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko on Friday promised food and warm apparel to migrants who decide to stay at the border amongst the ex-Soviet nation and Poland and will not return to their homeland

Lukashenko built the pledge throughout a stop by to a facility that accommodates migrants at the border.

“My task is to assistance you, folks in hassle,” Lukashenko stated, addressing countless numbers of migrants all through a take a look at to a facility accommodating migrants at the Bruzgi warehouse. “We, Belarusians, including myself, will do all the things as you want, even if it is bad for Poles, Latvians and somebody else.”

“We will perform with each other with you on your dream,” Lukashenko extra.

Lukashenko’s check out comes just after weeks of tensions at the border, in which hundreds of people stay trapped. Due to the fact Nov. 8, a large team of individuals, mainly from the Center East, has been stranded in Belarus at a border crossing with Poland, trapped as forces from the two nations around the world confront off in opposition to just about every other. Most are fleeing conflict or a feeling of hopelessness at home, and aim to access Germany or other Western European international locations.

Lukashenko once again called on Germany to accept migrants.

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Friday strongly denied claims by Lukashenko that Germany had agreed to just take in 2,000 migrants at present in Belarus.

“It’s not true that Germany agrees to this,” he explained to reporters in Berlin.

Video clips and pictures taken by regional media outlets clearly show the authoritarian leader of Belarus surveying ailments at the migrants’ crowded quarters. Russia’s point out RIA Novosti news agency noted that crowds of migrants applauded Lukashenko on his arrival.

Lukashenko claimed that apart from about 2,000 individuals at the border facility, an additional 2,000 to 3,000 extra migrants at the moment continue being in Belarus. He promised migrants that the Belarusian authorities would assist them return to their house nations around the world — but only if they want to.

“In no scenario will we detain you, tie your arms, load you on airplanes and send you house if you really don’t want that,” Lukashenko stated.

Lukashenko claimed that about 200 migrants nonetheless regulate to illegally enter the EU just about every day.

Over 170 persons returned to Iraq’s northern Kurdish-run area on Friday with a different return flight predicted later on in the working day. Past 7 days, 430 Iraqis returned property following a failed attempt to reach the European Union.

The West has accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of luring hundreds of migrants to Belarus with the guarantee of enable to get to Western Europe to use them as pawns to destabilize the 27-nation European Union in retaliation for its sanctions on his authoritarian authorities. Belarus denies engineering the disaster.