Luxury Accessories Under $500 For Summer

Luxury Accessories Under 0 For Summer

Accessories that combine luxury and affordability are sometimes hard to find, and when gifting your Dad this Father’s Day, you want to get practical yet, innovative. A curated selection of luxury accessories under $500 would suffice for those who have good taste and want to stick to their budget while showing Dad you can maintain a good job.

Show your appreciation for Dad with these stylish and high-quality items that exude sophistication and intellect. From sleek passport cases and designer sunglasses to versatile field journals and innovative meat thermometers, this Father’s Day gift guide has something for every dad. New and renowned brands are becoming synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

It’s worth it to treat Dad to the sleek and functional Tumi Belden Zip-Around Passport Case, with its secure organization and stylish design. Or for the frequent traveler, the Rollink Hanging Toiletry Bag offers practicality and style with its water-repellent design and plenty of storage space.

With these luxury accessories from trusted brands, you can make this Father’s Day an unforgettable celebration of his impeccable taste and discerning style. Explore this collection of luxury accessories that won’t break the bank, and make this Father’s Day truly impressive for your Dad.

V.Bellan Amari Cuff – $175

The V.Bellan Amari Cuff is available in either brass or sterling silver base metal, complementing the former punk rocker, now a Dad. It comes with the option of being plated in 18k yellow gold or silver rhodium if he’s a little fancier. The cuff has a high polish finish, giving it a shiny appearance, and is made in New York City, produced within 1-2 weeks, if you plan to order one for your father.

Madewell – Willyard Sunglasses – $65

Madewell’s Willyard Sunglasses offer a stylish throwback-inspired eyewear option, bringing back some nostalgia for your father. Crafted from durable acetate material, these sunglasses ensure sturdiness and longevity. They pair come with a protective microfiber pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth for that extra sense of sophistication.

Daniels Jewelry – Luxe Layers Sterling Silver 20″ 4.8MM Miami Cuban Link Chain – $479.95

Daniel’s Jewelry presents the Luxe Layers Sterling Silver 20″ 4.8mm Miami Cuban Link Chain as a subtle addition to any wardrobe that enhances a look greatly. A sought-after accessory known for its timeless design, Dad can benefit from a classic look. Made of sterling silver, this chain features interlocking links that create a bold and distinct appearance, suitable for both men and women.

Rowing Blazers Seiko SRPJ65 – $495

The Rowing Blazers Seiko collaboration is an exclusive, limited edition timepiece priced at the top of the aforementioned budget – but worth it for your father. With its automatic movement, luminous hands, and iconic Rowing Blazers logo on the purple dial, the watch exudes confident style with sophistication. It comes additional nylon strap for versatility in Dad’s wardrobe.

Paradigm -Soli Sun in Tortoise – $185.00

Paradigm introduces the Soli Sun sunglasses in Tortoise, offering a unique and groovy look for Dad. Made with a full-acetate frame, these sunglasses provide a perfect unisex fit and emphasize sustainability through the use of ISCC Certified Eastman Acetate Renew. Dad can channel his movie star look in these unique sunglasses

Vallon – Moto Aviators – $120

If Dad is having his mid-life crisis, the Vallon Moto Aviators are inspired by the 70s and designed specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts is perfect for him. The slick Black frames with Z87 safety-rated lenses, durable OBE hinges, and lens options like G-15 and NR-76, these aviator sunglasses prioritize safety, functionality, and style.

Brioni – Eau de Parfum Intense 100ml – $145.00

If Dad likes to smell good all day, then the Brioni Eau de Parfum Intense fragrance is just for him. This scent is tailored for sensuality and richness. The composition of Italian citrus oils, saffron, oud, and Ambroxan, creates a darkly sophisticated aura that can keep Dad feeling young.

Initio – Side Effect Eau De Parfum – $360.00

The Initio Side Effect Eau De Parfum engages and captivates Dad’s nose with Tobacco, Vanilla, Rum, and Cinnamon. A cocktail of a fragrance, Side Effect unleashes deeply buried emotions and passions, inviting you to embrace the intoxicating allure.

Pyrrha Jewelry – Wolf Honor Badge Bracelet – $335

Pyrrha Jewelry’s Wolf Honor Badge Bracelet pays homage to the misunderstood wolf, one of the many sentiments of the jewelry brand. Founded in 1995, the handcrafted jewelry is made in Vancouver using recycled metals inspired by antique wax seals, this bracelet combines style and sustainability while carrying symbolic meaning.

MIM – Made In Mongolia – Blue slide – $81

The Made In Mongolia Blue Slide is the house shoe every Dad needs. Each pair of meticulously handmade slippers uses 100% felt wool. The Navy Blue Zebra felted detail and high-quality materials make these slippers provide both style and comfort – around the house.

Bruno Marc – Men’s Double Strap Slides with Arch Support – $36

Bruno Marc Men’s Double Strap Slides are a stylish pair every dad needs for their shoe collection. With its Arch Support, these slides combine comfort and style for a sleek look and finish. With adjustable buckles, EVA sole, and PU footbed with arch support, these slides are perfect for summer activities, providing stability and relief for your feet.

Tumi Luggage – BELDEN Zip-Around Passport Case – $175.00

Every sophisticated dad needs a passport, and Tumi has a practical and stylish option. The Tumi Belden Zip-Around Passport Case comes with gunmetal hardware with a zip-around closure. Designated slots for passports and cards keep the important items secure, and a bill compartment can hold extra space for travel documents.

Rollink Luggage -Hanging Toiletry Bag – $45.00

Rollink makes efficient suitcases for travel that can fold away when not in use. Its Hanging Toiletry Bag is another innovation from the travel specialist that your dad would most appreciate. With a water-repellent shell, this bag provides 5 liters of packing volume for toiletries. Its compartments for easy organization and a full zip closure are standard compared to its hanging hook for convenient access in hotel bathrooms. The bag is also machine-washable.

Lochby – Field Journal – $59.00

If your dad is a creative soul, the Lochby Field Journal provides a versatile and refillable system, allowing him to express his thoughts and ideas in a beautifully designed journal. The Lochby Field Journal serves as a planner, journal, and sketchbook. It features a refillable waxed canvas case and includes a Dot Grid Refill with high-quality paper.

Nike Sunglasses – Nike Marquee Edge Sunglasses – $155

For the fashion-forward dad, the Nike Marquee Edge Sunglasses bring a sporty edge to everyday style. Nike Marquee Edge Sunglasses have a panoramic lens that brings out the futurist in Dad. Ultralight frame and rubberized elements ensure a secure and snug fit.

RA.D8 skincare drink – Sampler Kit – Collagen Sparkling Skin Support (4 Cans) – $16.00

RA.D8 Skincare Drink Sampler Kit includes four cans of collagen-infused sparkling tea and is a healthy drink option for Dad. The formula contains collagen, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Vitamin C, and other ingredients to support skin health and radiance. Low in calories, your father will be fine binging on a few cans of RA.D8.

Meatstick – MeatStick 4 Quad Sensors Wireless Meat Thermometer – $124.99

If your father is a barbeque faithful each summer, you should think outside the box. The MeatStick 4 Quad Sensors Wireless Meat Thermometer features True Temperature Quad Sensors and can withstand extreme cooking environments. With 70+ hour battery life, the innovative Meatstick provides accurate temperature readings through its app. The Xtender allows remote monitoring from up to 650 feet away and has Wi-Fi upgrades and bundles, ideal for grilling and smoking.

DUDE Face Wipes 30ct – Energize 3pk – $17.99

DUDE Face & Body Wipes are a convenient and versatile skincare solution for Dad, especially after getting off the grill and sitting at the picnic table. Available at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, these wipes are designed to cleanse, moisturize, and energize Dad’s skin at his convenience. Each sheet is infused with pro-vitamin B5 and moisturizing lotion, providing a quick refresh and effectively removing dirt and oil while you’re on the go. The wipes are made with 97% water and a plant-based formula, ensuring a gentle and eco-friendly product.