She’s stubborn about absurd choice of apparel

She’s stubborn about absurd choice of apparel

Pricey HARRIETTE: My teenage daughter absolutely refuses to put on a coat. It is obtaining chilly exactly where we dwell in the Northeast.

Harriette Cole 

I bought her various coats that are well-known for her age team, but she will not set on any of them. I observed that she could put on it out the doorway, but pretty much the minute she goes exterior she puts it in her bag.

How can I permit her to be a teen and develop into independent even though keeping heat?

I’m really not the overbearing style, but when it goes beneath 30 levels, you need to don a coat! I’m not fascinated in dealing with her remaining sick due to the fact she is so stubborn. Help!

Place It On

Dear Put IT ON: I went by the same thing when my daughter was 15. It was annoying, to be guaranteed. We arrived up with a pair of solutions that may possibly get the job done for you.

Begin with levels. Propose that she dress in two or a few levels of apparel — like some version of an undershirt or camisole, a very long-sleeved leading and a sweatshirt. A beefy sweatshirt can be excellent for holding the body warm.