The 12 Best Men’s Holiday Accessories In Every Price Range

Welcome to the ultimate men’s accessory holiday gift guide, in which we attempt to make shopping for the man in your life as easy, streamlined, and hassle-free as possible. In our guide you won’t find any corny gag gifts or holiday cliches like a pair of socks (though socks are nice and everyone needs them!) or a necktie, we put time into curating a thoughtful list that you’ll actually be proud to gift. Whether it’s a tool that’ll help lead to better health, a travel essential, or just the latest cool gadget for your dude to nerd out on, we’ve got all the bases covered.

The following gifts are practical, functional, and ultimately, pretty f*cking cool. So they’re sure to be a hit with any man in your life, from that new flame to a friend and anything in between. Let’s get to it.

A High Quality Phone Case

Accesories Gift Guide
Otter Box

Price: $64.95

Everybody needs a phone case. But after you drop $1000+ on a new iPhone, who wants to throw down another handful of dough just to protect it from damage? Why are we spending so much money on such delicate devices but don’t want to pay to adequately protect said devices from harm? It’s one of life’s great mysteries. So buy one for him, and since it’s a gift you might as well go all out and get a really nice one.

It doesn’t have to be the phone case above (though we dig that one) — you should probably make sure the person you’re buying for has an iPhone — but Otterbox makes all sorts of reinforced cases for almost every modern model of smartphone including some nice clear cases that will still show off his expensive devices.

Bottom Line: A good quality phone case is a sweet gesture that solves a problem everybody has, but no one wants to deal with.

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Dorset Crystal Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

Men's Gift Guide
Williams Sonoma

Price: $79.95

No gimmicks, no stupid glass skulls or designs or engravings, this is just a simple, classy Whiskey glass to sip an Old Fashioned out of. Produced at an almost century-old Slovenian glassworks from hand-cut crystal, this four-set collection of glasses was designed to capture and reflect light and give your cocktails a sparkling presentation.

Bottom Line: It’s the perfect accompaniment to a bar cart — hey, that’s another suggestion on our list!

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Maison de Sabré — The Slim Bifold

Men's Accessory Gift Guide
Maison De Sabre

Price: $129

Everybody wants a nice wallet, but we have to admit that there is something inherently silly about throwing down a lot of money for something that is ultimately designed for the sole purpose of holding money. It’s like buying a nice trash can. This is why a lot of men end up with weird random wallets that they just happen upon like Uncle Leo.

This is why a nice wallet makes a great gift. Maison de Sabré makes a particularly nice leather bi-fold wallet that comes in a variety of beautiful colors and is constructed from soft top-grain leather. It’s so nice that it comes with care instructions on how to keep it looking beautiful for a lifetime.

Bottom Line: A gift that’s sure to be greatly appreciated and that he’s not likely to get for himself.

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Logitech POWERED 3-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Dock

Men's Accessory Gift Guide

Price: $129.99

For the man in your life who can’t seem to keep his sh*t charged up, the Logitech POWERED 3-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Dock has all the power it needs to charge a smartphone, watch, and wireless headphones all at the same time. Compatible with most Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG devices, this charger is able to deliver 7.5w of fast-charging power, ensuring devices are fully juiced quickly.

Bottom Line: Say what you will about the modern era but… we need our devices charged. That’s just facts.

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UNION x Beats By Dre Studio Buds

Men's Gift Guide

Price: $149.99

Released as part of famed Los Angeles streetwear brand UNION’s 30th anniversary, this studio-quality pair of wireless airbuds are both stylish and functional, delivering a pristine sonic experience that will help the man in your life really feel the music. The design of the headphones was inspired by the Pan African flag and is meant to reference UNION’s roots as a Black-owned business.

Bottom Line: When it comes to working out, nothing is better and less obtrusive than a good pair of wireless headphones and Beats are the best.

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Polaroid Now+ Starter Set

Men's Accessory Gift Guide

Price: $194.99

It’s never been easier — well since like the late ‘80s early ‘90s — to shoot with Polaroid film, so indulge the man in your life’s creative side by hooking him up with this Polaroid starter set. The set features Polaroid’s new i-Type Instant Camera in a variety of colors as well as two 8-packs of color film, and one pack of black and white.

Bottom Line: This is a great gift. In the digital photo era, everyone loves having a physical object.

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Crossrope Get Fit Bundle

Men's Accessory Gift Guide

Price: $248

Bring an easy and effective entry fitness routine into his life with a nice jump rope set. In truth, you don’t have to spring for this super luxurious set by Crossrope, any jump rope will do, but we like this bundle that comes with four different ropes and fancy ergonomic handles.

The Get Fit Bundle consists of two lighter ropes specifically designed for cardio and HIIT workouts, and two heavily weighted ropes for a full body pump.

Bottom Line: A great choice whether the man in your life is already into fitness or looking to dip their toes into an exercise routine but doesn’t want to spring for that gym membership.

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Zhori Midcentury Modern Bar Cart

Men's Accessory Gift Guide

Price: $252.99

Every living space needs a good bar cart, and this Midcentury Modern style cart by Zhori is all class. This is the sort of bar cart you imagine Don Draper having and features three tiers for bottles, glasses, and mixing tools, lockable wheels, and brass accents over a tobacco wood color.

Bottom Line: Style counts. And this is truly stylish.

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Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB Turntable

Men's Accessory Gift Guide

Price: $399

This is a serious turntable, not the type with the built-in speakers that you pick up from Wal-Mart, we’re talking about serious audiophile quality that’ll make your records come alive with adjustable speeds for playing 33, 45, and 78 rpm records and all the necessary attachments to play 7-inches, as well as vary the speed and reverse play records. That means with two of these things and a mixer, you have a basic vinyl DJ set up.

Bottom Line: Even if you don’t go through with the two turntables, the idea that it’s within reach is cool enough in itself. This manual turntable features Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as analog and USB outputs.

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Shun 5-Piece Knife Set

Men's Accessory Gift Guide

Price: $369.95

If you have a man in your life who is serious about home cooking, blow his mind and drop his jaw with this five-piece starter knife collection. $370 sounds like an awfully high price for knives, but Shun makes some of the most seriously well-crafted Japanese cooking knives in the food space, this is the kind of knife a professional chef reaches for thanks to its handling, sharpness, and versatility.

It’s a set designed to last a lifetime, also they just look beautiful! This five knife set features PakkaWood handles and comes supplied with a chef’s knife, utility knife, and paring knife, plus a honing steel, and of course a beautiful woodblock to house it all.

Bottom Line: Helping someone you care about cook better food is literally the gift that keeps on giving.

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Gucci GG Silver Cuff Links

Accessories Gift Guide

Price: $420

A pair of cufflinks elevates a good shirt from “nice” to “elegant,” so infuse some class and a strong sense of luxury into his wardrobe with a pair of beautiful quality cuff links. These sterling silver cufflinks out of the house of Gucci feature a vintage ‘70s inspired double-G motif and are sure to be the highlight of any outfit.

Bottom Line: Gucci is Gucci. It’s also a particularly good talking point this holiday season.

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A.P.C. Ben Zip-Up Bomber Jacket

Men's Accessory Gift Guide

Price: $1,217

Okay, this one is a bit on the luxury end and is clothing more than an accessory, but every man needs that casual jacket that they can wear daily that’ll stand up to the elements and stay looking fresh. When it comes to bomber jackets, It doesn’t really get better than A.P.C in both construction and style. Featuring a khaki green color and made of a blend of wool, polyamide and cotton, this jacket features a loose fit, oversized pockets, and long sleeves with a classic warm and fuzzy collar.

Bottom Line: This is a jacket… so… not really an accessory. But warmth is highly valued and this stylish zip-up can go with a range of outfits — from formal to streetwear. We think it works when you look at it that way.

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EDITOR’s PICK: Randolph — Concorde 23K Gold


Price $329

Let me put it to you the simplest way: I feel cooler when I wear these. Like I’m on my 1973 Paul Newman vibe. People comment often. It’s always positive.


At the end of the day, stuff — all stuff — is just meant to help us live healthier, happier, more joyful lives. Where that intersects with style is when the things we buy or someone buys for us make us feel more confident and comfortable in our own skin. These glasses do that for me. In part, because they nail retro aviator/ pilot/ Hollywood actor/ roguish adventurer-style without adding any off-kilter ornamentation, but also because they feel valuable and solid.

That 23K gold isn’t just marketing talk — it has heft. There’s some weight to them. You notice it without it feeling distracting.

There are plenty of tech specs to these glasses beyond the gold in the frames. The lenses are described as “SkyTec™ Glass Polarized lenses with Vector™ Anti-Reflective & Blue Wave™ lens technology” — which is more than a mouthful. I don’t really know what those terms mean. I do know that I like looking at the world through them, they’re not straining my eyes, and that they don’t seem to scratch easily — that’s all I need.

That and all the added coolness.

Bottom Line: I wear these every day and feel better about myself because of them. There’s no human alive who doesn’t want a gift that can have that effect.

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