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You need to do some study on the braces

and determine out how we could pop some diamonds in here.



Place some stones in there [laughing]

[Woman] Put some stones in there, yeah.

What’s up GQ I am Coi Leray and you happen to be observing On the Rocks.

[upbeat music]

Let’s carry the very best jeweler in this article.

Yow, Joe, [indistinct]get in listed here.

Let us converse about this jewelry.

I achieved Joe.

I feel I had shot my movie there at your Keep.

[Joe] We unveiled the check out for a puffy son.

You had designed a comment on his publish

and I attained out to you.

And then you came in the upcoming day

and we sat there and we believed about it

and I just, I analyzed you and I

and I appeared at your character.

I appeared at your tattoos.

I saw that you, you really are into butterflies.

This was the initially piece that we worked on.

She enjoys butterflies.

And she also has like fireplace flames on

on the arm as perfectly with the butterflies.

So on this particular piece ideal below

we ended up placing alongside one another butterfly,

which is essentially on fireplace.

A butterfly is like a lovely point.

And then you also have like

the hearth nuts existence facet of me, the ridiculous side.

So you received the butterfly flying over the fire.

When I described that to him right here, he brought it to life.

What my favored piece in her assortment

this particular piece proper right here.

Allow me explain to you something.

This right in this article.

Yow, I stroll in the studio.

I could be with the biggest

rap rapper, the rapper rapper rapper.

They’ll see my look at and be like, yo

this the hottest issue I’ve at any time noticed.

Like, I truly feel like I even leading the guys with the watches

ain’t no Rollie, ain’t no one messing

with this observe appropriate below.

[Joe] She initially acquired the view as a,

a bus down jubilee band.

[Coi] I required a basic Jane, but he is like,

no you’re a rapper yeah now you’re an artist.

So you will need to change up.

I you should not believe in anybody, but I dependable him and.

Glance you gotta have a little something that’s like eye catching.

It’s all her parts, if you glance at it,

they are not just jewellery.

All the things is a piece of art.

I know anything has some thing

that’s of representation of her.

I cannot have the exact matter as no 1 else.

I appreciate my check out.

It is just a statement piece.

Like I make sure my observe is on my hand

when I’m holding the mic

so they can see it when I’m carrying out.

These two pieces are my only enjoying pieces.

‘Cause that is when I wanna like place on minimal entire body suite

some flip flops and I am on the island.

When I’m outside the house, I am heading to the club.

I am placing on my chain

and I guarantee I am catching all eyes.

Also much too, this is a single of my favored piece is

D had you bought this for my birthday?

And this basically glows in the dark.

So in the club, like you see this glowing stars

around my neck, which I consider is so fireplace.

It is really like laser tag, baby, like pull up.

Let us turn up.

[upbeat music]

[Joe] Considering the fact that we on this phase, you know

I nevertheless haven’t heard just about anything about this from you like

I appreciate this chain.

We labored on this with each other.

This is a, a collaboration right listed here.

And one of my inspirations behind this was Pharrell’s chain.

He posted this like a gold backlink chain.

[Joe] Yeah.

[Coi] But it had these.

[Joe] All the gemstones.

[Coi] Gems and I was like, yo,

I want different colored gems

but I do not wanna just consider Pharrell idea.

I gotta set the development and do some thing larger.

‘Cause we have to sit there

and appear up with this locking system.

And she really don’t like the phrase mechanism

The lock system.

[Joe] Yeah.

I hate the word mechanism mainly because of you now.

[Joe laughs]

Oh my God mechanism.

I assume this is why she really don’t like it.

It took us about two months to test to figure out,

how we can link it

without having possessing to tamper with the medallion at all.

[Coi] I ain’t never observed an additional Julie do that.

I’m not just indicating that mainly because we’re household.

But like I swear, almost everything else is just like.

[Man] Coi, how significantly did the Coi chain expense?

[Joe] A little something like that is easily in the ballpark.

What is the total? 70.

Give me the complete.

Probably right here.

You received a superior 400,000.

Oh, 400k on my neck.

Really don’t inform me that.

I’m see on the mic.

I’m gonna album launch like 400k on my entire body.

I always don my Coi piece, if I’m carrying out.

It is lit I am like, do your chain hang reduced.

And then if I wanna consider it off I just take this two element

I you should not have to wear this large piece.

And now it can be like, I could have the solar in the moon

or I could just make it a url chain

make this the lock, place it in the back again.

And now we just bought connection.

Coi backlinks.

To start with a person in the globe with Koi Fish inbound links.

Like, are you kidding me?

[Joe] This ring proper here.

That is damn appropriate there.

It’s my tat.

[upbeat music]

It truly is the cross.

So I can not say [beep] you with a cross my heart,

but I’ve completed it and God forgives,

you know what I am saying?

Sorry God but sometimes you gotta just

[exhales deeply] but yeah.

[bell sound]

Think about from time to time another person [beep] you

with this ice on your hand

like it’s the ideal feeling in the earth.

You know what I’m stating? [man laughs]

It is really a selected way, I guess you have to don,

like I don’t know if I wear it this way

or if I dress in this way.

I know, but they want us to be able to see it.

You know what I suggest?

So do I, I wanna see it.

That is like when I get my nails completed

you imagine I am gonna get the character dealing with you?

No, the character dealing with me.

[both laugh]

We are performing Trendsetter Chains and we’re

the Trendsetter Chains has an AMO behind the identify.

Just to bring it out.

I love an AMO perform.

I sense like it can be gonna get extra popular too.

Following this.

I do not know men delight and egos would be a tiny weird

I guess, in this business.

Like it requires to be diamonds, all diamonds, all diamonds

but as a creator, like you see am iced out

in all distinctive features.

This proper listed here is a whole physique chain.

And when you place it on, it sits on my stomach

and it has an AMO and I imagine it is really so pretty.

And it really is so cute.

I embrace my body.

I enjoy system positivity.

We are doing work on our physique chain assortment.

We’re gonna have butterflies.

We’re gonna have stars.

We’re gonna have the AVIAN symbol in the back.

‘Cause I come to feel like my enthusiasts are gonna die to see that.

Loyalty is every little thing I’ve been doing the job with Joe,

since I’ve begun, when you create a partnership

with anyone, it turns into extra than just me obtaining jewelry.

Which is why I adore working with you.

You know that, when I sit there and I talk to you

it truly is not like speaking to a wall

and which is why I consider we perform wonderful with each other.

We truly have so quite a few more items coming.

Not only for me, but for my lovers.

Many thanks for examining out my jewelry.

I hope you guys liked it.

Go check out out my album, Massive Development Setter,

and I’m checking out.

See ya.

[upbeat music]