Where To Shop For The Best Diamond Jewelry Online

Shopping for diamonds online can be intimidating. Not only are you searching for a piece you (or your recipient) will find beautiful and wear for years to come, but you want to be entirely confident that what you’re buying is authentic and will arrive safely. Fine jewelry is no small purchase and you deserve to feel secure buying something of such high value and personal significance.

Thankfully, many fine jewelry retailers have made shopping for diamond jewelry online a safe and streamlined process. These sites offer detailed information on where their gemstones and other materials come from, comprehensive valuation reports, and shopping consultations by phone or video if you want human help.

In addition to the biggest names you already know about, the list below covers the 17 best places to buy diamond jewelry online. It touches on just about every category you could think of, from lab-grown diamond specialists to artisans working with responsibly sourced gems, classic jewelry houses to boutique designers, big splurges to dainty, everyday gems. Keep reading to learn why we like—and trust—these retailers for quality, authentic diamond jewelry online.

The Most Affordable Diamond Jewelry Online

Like pretty much every other product, fine jewelry has gotten the direct-to-consumer treatment. With a fine-tuned supply chain and a direct line to customers via social media, these companies are able to skip the traditional retail markup, meaning quality jewelry for a fraction of the price.

Mejuri: Everyday Fine Jewelry

This popular direct-to-consumer brand is known, in part, for its majority female customer base. In the past, women’s fine jewelry has mostly been purchased by men as gifts, but with on-trend styles and affordable pricing, Mejuri makes the case for “everyday” fine jewelry and self-gifting. Prices start around $75 for a single stud earring and top off around $2,000 for an engagement ring.

Stone And Strand: Modern Pieces Minus The Markup

Stone and Strand offers classics like diamond eternity bands and stud earrings, but what sets this direct-to-consumer brand apart are its more whimsical designs, like this diamond-studded wishbone necklace or knotted ring. Stone and Strand caters to an audience shopping for everyday fine jewelry, which it makes more affordable by skipping the retail markup. Prices range from $65 for a “teeny” diamond stud to $4,100 for a four carat diamond necklace.

The Last Line: Fine Jewelry That’s Fun

This LA-based brand has all the colorful gems and statement silhouettes for those who find the minimalist styles that dominate most “cool” jewelry brands a bit bland. After two decades of designing jewelry for celebrity lines and luxury houses, designer Shelley Sanders wanted to create a collection where she could make fine jewelry fun, and founded The Last Line with her husband. Prices start around $200 for diamond huggie earrings and go up to $8,000 for collar tennis necklaces.

Noémie: Transparent Prices

Noémi wants to simplify the process of buying fine jewelry by offering beautiful, high-quality pieces for fair prices. On their website, the L.A.-based, direct-to-consumer brand lists what you would pay if you were to shop the traditional retail route for each piece. On average, Noémie customers save about 60% on everything from custom name necklaces to engagement rings, which range from $470 for huggie earrings to $1,540 for a diamond compass necklace. That might seem high but it’s far less than what you’ll find at a high-end department store, and the brand also offers free shipping and returns.

The Best Diamond Jewelry Splurges Online

When money is no object and diamonds are the subject, things are bound to become very, very sparkly. In this section, you’ll find designers and retailers who take fine jewelry up a notch, not just with carat count but also with craft.

Moda Operandi: High-Fashion Luxury

Launched in New York City in 2010, Moda Operandi provides access to runway-ready fashion and trunkshows. The retailer particularly shines for its extremely well-curated selection of fine jewelry from standout designers such as Pamela Love, Sheryl Lowe and Amrapali. There’s often only one of each piece in stock and prices start at $600 for dainty necklaces and extend up to $50,000 for exquisite diamond chokers.

Bergdorf Goodman: Beyond Basic Diamonds

If you want to browse multiple brands in the safe space of a department store (or, in this case, its web shop), Bergdorf Goodman is your best bet. The selection of diamond jewelry includes brilliant pieces from designers like Ippolita and Irene Neuwirth. This is fine jewelry for people who already have the diamond studs and pendant necklaces—think $40,000 lockets and bangles of baguette diamonds.

David Yurman: Keep-Forever Classics

Before he became an international jewelry superstar, David Yurman was a talented sculptor and artist, which shows through in the geometric shapes of his collections. The brand is most-known for its signature Cable Classic bracelets, adorned with a variety of precious stones, as well as chunky, twisted earrings, pendants and rings wrought from high-quality materials. Most pieces fall in the $1,500 to $3,000 range but for larger diamonds expect to pay above $5,000.

The Best Brands for Lab Grown Diamonds

The popularity of lab-grown diamonds has skyrocketed in the last few years. Not to be confused with “diamond simulates,” like cubic zirconia, which look similar to diamonds but are not true carbon crystals, these are “real” diamonds, cultivated from the carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds in a lab setting, which lessens their environmental impact.

Vrai: Stylish And Sustainable

Vrai exclusively uses lab grown diamonds from its own foundry, meaning there is truly no middleman between the stone’s source and its setting. The diamonds are grown sustainably in America with an entirely hydropowered production process, meaning no carbon emissions. In addition to classics like studs and tennis bracelets, Vrai offers a wide range of contemporary styles like signet rings and statement earrings. Prices range from under $100 for single stud earrings to just under $10,000 for an eight carat tennis bracelet.

Brilliant Earth: Customized Options

Brilliant Earth offers both natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds, with an emphasis on responsible sourcing from gemstones to precious metals to packaging. The selection of ready-to-ship styles is huge and covers all the basics: stud earrings, pendant necklaces, tennis bracelets, and so on. Prices start around $300 for a pair of 1/4 carat studs and tops out around $40k for a 27 carat tennis bracelet. You can also create your own lab diamond earrings or a lab diamond ring on the site.

Clean Origin: Responsible Supply Chain

Clean Origin wants to do away with the destructive mining and unsafe practices in the diamond industry by only sourcing lab-grown diamonds. All of the stones meet super strict standards of quality in terms of cut, color, clarity, and carat, so they are flawless to the naked eye. In addition to engagement and wedding styles, you’ll find everyday jewelry—studs, drop pendants, slim bracelets—for about $500 to $1,500.

The Best Vintage Diamond Jewelry Online

Vintage jewelry can be more unique, sustainable and affordable than buying new. But because you aren’t dealing with the original manufacturer or retailer, it’s important to choose sources that have a trustworthy vetting process and are knowledgable to answer any questions you may have about buying vintage diamond jewelry online.

1stDibs: Rare Finds Worth Coveting

18kt White Gold Dangling Earrings with White Diamonds and Blue Topaz Drops

For authenticated antique online, there’s no match for 1stDibs. The company works with a trusted network of top vintage and contemporary sellers across the world to source pieces you really won’t see anywhere else, like a 1920s Cartier engagement ring or a Victorian era bracelet. The selection is enormous and the price range is broad—at the low end are diamond studs for $100 and at the high end are $4.5 million engagement rings so blinding you may need to turn down your computer brightness. Everything is thoroughly vetted and all purchases include buyer protection for a seamless shopping experience.

Farfetch: Luxury Finds For Less

Farfetch lets you browse the best of high-end boutique retail from around the world in one, centralized place. Its selection of pre-owned diamond jewelry offers a ton of “wow” pieces from classic jewelry stalwarts like Cartier, fashion houses like Chanel, and tons of smaller labels, too. Here you’ll find charming engagement rings for modest prices and statement-makers like chandelier earrings for nearly $50,000.

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The Best Shops For Traditional Diamond Jewelry

For traditional diamond jewelry pieces like stud earrings, pendant necklaces, or tennis bracelets, the web is your oyster. After browsing dozens of fine jewelry shops online, the following stand out for their breadth of selection, range of price points and reliable retailer reputation.

Blue Nile: Elegant For Everyday

Blue Nile was one of the first fine jewelry retailers to embrace the web as a viable selling platform way back in 1999. Its selection of ready-to-ship diamond jewelry includes traditional earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings as well as some more modern classics like rose gold diamond bar studs. Prices start around $200 for stud earrings and climb into the six figure range for certain engagement rings.

Allurez: Perfect For All Occasions

Allurez was founded in 2010 with a focus on diamond and gemstone jewelry made locally in the U.S. rather than elsewhere in the world, where the quality can fluctuate. In addition to engagement rings, the company offers diamond jewelry (necklaces, everyday rings, earrings) made with conflict-free stones as well as lab-created moissanite, which is more affordable, on a per-carat basis compared to natural diamonds. While there are certainly modern styles here, the classics—such as this cross pendant—are the most popular.

The Best Shops for Independent Designers

When you’re looking for something beyond the basic stud earring or pendant necklace, turn to independent designers. There are so many talented, inventive people and small workshops making interesting, original jewelry. Treat yourself by having a look.

Catbird: Quirky Cool

Catbird began as a little storefront in Brooklyn that became popular locally for its ultra-dainty jewelry with names like the threadbare ring and sweet nothing choker. In addition to its own Catbird Jewelry, the boutique stocks independent jewelry lines like Blanca Monrós Gómez, Jennie Kwon, and Wwake. For diamond jewelry, prices range from around $100 for a single stud to around $10,000 for engagement rings.

Kinn: Modern Heirlooms

Kinn is all about circular jewelry—pieces that are meant to be kept and handed down. With their Repurpose Project, they recycle the metals and stones from your heirloom and inherited jewelry to create entirely new and custom pieces. For everything else, the brand only works with conflict-free and fair trade materials. The prices are extremely transparent as well, starting at $380 for a round diamond bracelet to $5,800 for a signet ring with a marquise diamond.

Aurate: Minimalist Chic

New York City-based Aurate sources diamonds, pearls and other precious gems from family-run establishments and the majority of its pieces are wrought from 100% recycled gold. To minimize costs, Aurate produces pieces on a made-to-order basis so you don’t pay for extra inventory. Expect to find elegant, refined basics, such as this diamond infinity necklace for a reasonable price, along with mini stackable diamond rings for $160 and diamond slider eternity necklaces for $5,500.